AZFLIS To Streamline Interpreter & Client Operations

azflis-asl-software-streamline-operationsArizona Freelance Interpreting Services has always taken pride in its personal touch with clients, consumers and interpreters. As our company has grown through the years, we have made sure to never lose this highly important aspect of our agency. We have also come to understand that the needs of our clients, consumers and interpreters have changed through the years as we have grown. We have been working on a new change in our core system and processes to incorporate and new software to streamline our agency’s ability to continue to meet the expectations of excellence for all those we work with.

The new software will be slowly rolled out in the months to come and we are confident that this will only enhance the experience of all those who we serve. We simply wanted to take moment to let everybody know that there is a positive change coming and this will not only help us connect the best interpreter to each deaf consumer, but it will also allow us to make it easier than ever for requesting entities to find coverage they need in a timely fashion. We will streamline the billing process for businesses as well as contractual interpreters along the way.

This will be a big change, but we have taken every precaution possible to make sure that the transition will be seamless as possible, as well as keeping our “personal touch” that we have become known for. We look forward to leveraging the new software to better serve each and every one of you!


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